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Logo Victoria
Logo Victoria

“A hundred years ago,
Gregorio met his first love.
And he created a shoe
named after her.”

In 1915 in a small town of La Rioja, northen Spain,
Gregorio had the idea of creating a shoe named after his first love,
his wife Victoria.

After more than ten years in Cervera, the factory
relocates to Logroño, La Rioja.
There was where in 1950 the vulcanizing becomes
part of the production process, and along with it, rubber soles.
The Vicotoria mithical model
“La Inglesa”, is born.


We’ve always believed that in order for love to survive the tests of the time, it must be cared for day to day.

This philosophy has gotten us to where we are today and will be what allows us to take care of you for another hundred years.

Because first love is forever.

Logo Victoria

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